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Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday 15th July 2018

aerial 1
Landscaping Progress at /Mellor Mill - We are nearly there
After being successfully granted full planning permission contractors are now hard at work carrying out the conservation, consolidation and landscaping at Mellor 90 left Mellor Mill plan 1889Mill.  With the project due to end on 31st August 2018 the timescales are very tight but we are assured by the contractor achievable.  The recent spell of wonderful summer weather has helped to keep the works to schedule so I expect us all to be able to enjoy a stroll around the new pathways, read the interpretation boards and get the Oldknow’s App up on our smartphones to see what the mill looked like in its prime.  By standing at certain points around the site not only will you be able to see the mill but also the Wellington Water Wheel, The Mill fire and a rear view of the mill as well as listening to various audio commentaries.  It’s hard to believe that all this started way back in 2011 and finally we are almost there.  A huge THANK YOU has to go out to our many volunteers who never wavered in their belief that one day we would have our Mini Country Park to show off to visitors.  Well done everyone who has, in any way been involved in this fantastic project.  Of course, once finished, we will need to look after the site which we have leased for 25 years.  There is an opportunity now to become part of a Mellor Mill Friends Group and contribute to its upkeep.  If you are interested in helping in any way please contact me at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
aerial 2

Bob's Mill Diary - Wednesday 27th June 2018

Mill DroneHi All,
Great news. We finally have been granted planning permission for the landscaping works at Mellor Mill. Contractors are on site starting the works.

From the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Decision notice.

The Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council hereby give notice in pursuance of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 that FULL PLANNING PERMISSION HAS BEEN GRANTED for the carrying out of the development described above. The development must be begun not later than the expiration of THREE YEARS beginning with the date of this permission, as required by section 91 of the Townand Country Planning Act 1990 and amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

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Bob's Mill Diary - Saturday 24th September 2017

waterloo release 1Bob's Mill Diary - Saturday 24th September 2017

Whilst Mellor Archaeological Trust were clearing out the Waterloo Wheel Pit at Mellor Mill we released the water which had been backing up in the tunnels leading from the Corn Mill tail Race and the Wellington Wheel tail Race. This torrent continued for about 30 minutes. Probably the last time you will see this amount of water racing into the Waterloo Wheel Pit. It must have looked something like this in its prime some 150 years ago.


Editors Note: The "Waterloo Wheel" supplied additional power to the main mill via an underground shaft, whilst a second shaft provided power to series of riverside workshops. The exit level from the bottom of this wheelpit was below that of the Goyt at its nearest point and in order to overcome that problem a significant feat of engineering was required. An exit tunnel was driven under the bed of the river and then carried the water 600 yards downstream until the level had fallen sufficiently to allow it to be discharged.

 Waterloo Flows Again!!

Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday 29th November 2015

Boiler Room Drg V1A number of us attended Greater Manchester Archaeology Day 2015 at Salford University on 28th November. It was an excellent day with an interesting variety of presentations. I gave a presentation about the significant milestones during 2015 at Mellor Mill. One of my slides was the wonderful Reconstruction Drawing, courtesy of Malcolm Melia, of the Boiler and Engine Rooms. It is so good I just want to share it with everyone. Malcolm is a volunteer artist to the Mellor Mill project.

See 'All Steamed Up at Mellor Mill'...Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday September 29th 2013, for information on the engines and an early photo of the Engine House excavation. And the Goodfellows of Hydes entry, on the excellent Graces Guide website.

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