Bob's Mellor Mill Diary

Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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Bob's Mill Diary - 6th December 2012

On the day we started to investigate the workshops etc down by the river,

... Arthur Procter agreed to come down for the day and record the action.  The following is a small selection of what he witnessed -

The First Cut is made down by the Riverside

Much progress is made











The First Cut is made                                   Much Progress is made

Now, what's this?

Bob and Donald having a Review










                          'Now, what's this?'


                 Bob & Donald havinga Review               

Bob's Mill Diary - 2nd December 2012

Culwicks will probably install the gate and grating tomorrow or Wednesday (weather dependent!) It has worked out well as they are to receive the work back from the galvanisers today.

Today up the ladder:

Looking down on the stable under the front projection.Looking down on the stable under the front projection.

Bob's Mill Diary - 1st December 2012

I am pretty confident the I have accurately located the gasometer, retort house and the mechanics workshops.  This afternoon will be spent working out how I am to get a machine down that side in safety.  I'll take some photos this afternoon.

Bob's Mill Diary - November 28, 2012, to Norman Redhead

As agreed I attach a copy of my proposed test trenches for the Main Mill and The Ancillary buildings by the river.  There will be more to follow for the Mellor Lodge and what is possibly a small gatehouse by the track to the north of the mill.  I would welcome any comments you or Adam may have.



  1. Mill front wall adjacent to room 12
  2. NE corner of Waterloo Wheel House
  3. Southern edge of Gasometer
  4. SE corner of Retort House
  5. NE corner of Warehouse
  6. SE corner of Mechanics Shop
  7. NE corner of Workshop
  8. NE corner of Warehouse
  9. SE corner of Engine House
  10. NW corner of Cotton Rooms
  11. E of Mill rear main wall
  12. E of Mill rear main wall

Bob's Mill Diary - November 27, 2012

Some photos of the fire pit which is being revealed at the end of the coal cellar.  John G and John R any further thoughts on this? The brickwork seems to be fire brick.  Also now that I can stand in the fire area it is easy to note the remains of an arched ceiling/roof to the viewing platform. Something new every day!

Fire Pit

The fire pit.

Fire Pit
Fire Pit

The fire pit.

Fire Pit
Fire Pit

The fire pit.

Fire Pit
Fire Pit

The fire pit.

Fire Pit

From John Hearle: It's a good thing that we did not extend the viewing platform further.

That's true but once everything is uncovered we may want to move the fence line to give a view of the fire area and into the coal cellar.